How to Use a Nixing Clay Teapot ?

The Nixing teapots are quite small, generally sized for 2-6 people, unglazed and typically found in Coffee colors and many other colors (As Nixing Pottery Feature has kiln change, teapots will in different sometimes) . Being un-glazed teapots,  teapot takes the aroma and flavors of the teas when we season and brewing tea,. For this reason it is best to use one type of Nixing Clay teapot for each type of tea. Additionally, since they are un-glazed Nixing Pottery teapots do a great job wicking remaining liquid away from tea after steeping keeping the leaves fresh and ready for many subsequent infusions.

Typically used with Liupao , Puerh, the Nixing teapot can also be used with black, oolong and indeed all varieties of tea. If you do so, it really is a must to have a different teapot for each tea.

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