About Qinzhou Nixing Pottery

What is Qinzhou Nixing Pottery ?

Qinzhou Nixing Pottery is one of the four most famous potteries in China. It's history dates back 1,300 years ago. It is made from peculiar purple and red clay in Qinzhou, Guangxi.

Nixing Pottery could be tea sets (teapot, cup, mug, tea pet), tableware, vases, coffee utensils, craftwork and so on.

How to make Nixing Pottery? (Teapot, Tea Cup, Vase, Artwork )

Qinzhou Nixing pottery is the most local characteristic handicraft. Each Nixing pottery handicraft has been made through 12 steps which include choosing the fine pottery →weathering → pressure filter → Mix and fine-milled Clay, pottery in vacuum condition → mixing all the materials → Hand Shape Forming → mending the shaping → carving → kilning → polishing → burnishing. Specially, each handicraft pottery has different color after the process of oxidation and Firing. Nixing pottery makes use of the special carving skills as its decoration. The decoration makes the pottery more elegant.

What is the Features of Nixing Pottery Teaware ?

Nixing pottery has many features that include fine slime, water-absorbing material, good air permeability, nature clay, and it is non-toxic. It is the best choice of brewing the tea leaf with tea sets and planting the flower in vase. Specially, if you use our Nixing Pottery Clay tea sets to drink tea always, it will be good for ur health.

How to season the Nixing Pottery Teapot?

Firstly, the new brought Nixing pot need carefully cleaning with warm water. After the teapot cools down, we should separate the teapot and tea cover. And then, adding the water into them and boiling for 5 to 10 minutes. (PS. The whole teapot is submerged in water)

Secondly, you put a little tea leaves and boil about 1 hour in small fire. Please pay attention to the clashing between the teapot, tea cover and the wall of the container.

Finally, you remove the container into other side. You need cool down the teapot and tea cover in a day. Then, clean them.

How to maintenance of the Nixing Pottery teaware?

1. No matter the Nixing Pottery teaware is a new one or old, you should totally clean before the process of maintenance.

2. Nixing Pottery handicrafts do prevent from oil. If contacts, you need to clean immediately in order to be absorbed the tea water by the wall of the Nixing pottery handicrafts.

3. The more times you brew a cup of tea, the more bright of the Nixing handicrafts’ surfaces.

4. Rub and brush should be moderate. Use the soft little brush to wipe the tea inside the teapots after watering the surface of the teapot, but do not continually wipe.

5. After using the Nixing Pottery teaware, you should throw away the tea dreg, keep tea ware in dry condition.

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